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Private Equity predictions for 2023 in the UK

about 1 year ago

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Private Equity Predictions for 2023 in the UK

The UK Private Equity sector is a booming industry, with research showing that from 2018 to 2019 it has grown by a whopping 20%. This growth is expected to continue into 2023, with experts predicting a further expansion of 15-20%.

The private equity sector is a key driver of economic growth, with the UK government recognising its potential for job creation, innovation, and increasing the productivity of the economy.

In 2023, the sector is expected to benefit from a number of trends. These include a continued increase in the number of deals, with an estimated £106 billion invested in the sector in 2023. In addition, the sector is set to benefit from an increase in foreign investment, with an estimated £5.5 billion expected to be invested in the sector in 2023.

These trends point to a bright future for the UK Private Equity sector. With continued investment, innovation and job creation , the sector is set to remain a key driver of the UK economy in 2023 and beyond.