Role overview:

The role supports the Trading Desk team in its daily activities and takes care of the first-line operational processing of transactions.

Other key responsibilities will include working alongside the Trading Desk in improving and enhancing internal procedures & controls, processes or tools as well as in documenting issues and reporting operational solutions.

Finally, he/she will be responsible for the investigation and resolution of any trade discrepancies and variations in portfolio reconciliations in collaboration with other ancillary teams and as necessary senior management

Key responsibilities

* Reconcile and validate trade capture and daily trading activity in timely and accurate manner.

* Perform regular reconciliations between cash and security legs of transactions.

* Assist in booking new trades from term sheets obtained from Front Office or banking counterparts.

* Review and validate both physical asset and derivative trade confirmations provided by banks.

* Coordinate with Front Office and Accounting Functions and liaise with banking counterparts to resolve any post trade or settlement issues.

* Review and confirm all Trading Desk operating & brokerage fees on a monthly basis.

* Assist in resolving trade discrepancies caused from trade failures, breaks, etc.

* Liaise with the CFO to remediate any issues or queries in an efficient manner.

* Run daily risk checks and portfolio reconciliations and contribute to the generation of risk reports (utilising and improving upon the existing IT / risk systems used by the company.)

* In collaboration with back office teams understand and utilise record keeping / database software to aid colleagues with current and historical trade data extraction and analysis

* Coordinate with CFO, front office and other support teams to address trade related enquiries and issues.

* Prepare and deliver internal statements to senior management.

* Play a key role within the control framework to monitor internal dealing to identify/escalate potential fraudulent or unusual trading activity.

* Manage cash and derivative transactions in timely and accurate manner.

* Maintain integrity and confidentiality of all trade related data.

* Assist the CFO to support, test, and improve on IT tools' functionality and internal processes.