Operational Business & Process Consultant

2 -3 month assignment

Daily rate £500 - £700 per day plus travel and expenses (Outside IR35)


They are an expanding international physical commodity trading company with offices in the U.A.E, Far East and Eastern Europe. The company has grown rapidly in the last few years with significant customers and relationships across the globe. The mission aims to streamline operations and optimize workforce allocation among the three offices to position the company for increased efficiency, improved collaboration, and sustained growth by optimizing its operational processes and workforce allocation.


  • Thorough experience of physical commodity operations and business. Base metals experience would be preferred;
  • Complete understanding of operational flows and trade orders from start to finish as well as delivery processes within a physical commodity company
  • Knowledge of export trade regulations useful as well as broad understanding transport operations by dry sea bulk commodities useful as part of operations knowledge;
  • Experience of commercial financials and business efficiency in a physical commodity trading environment;
  • Could be a person who has worked in an operations role within physical commodities or at senior level within finance operations with an operational business slant;
  • Able to work discreetly and confidentially, using gravitas and diplomacy when reviewing operations;
  • Fluent in English both written and orally, strong communication ability as well as in depth analytical skills;
  • Able to work and communicate at Board level.


The role will span 3 countries in the Far East, Eastern Europe and Middle-East with 5 - 10 days spent in each location reviewing the business operations and in particular the operational processes and operational flows of a global commodity physicals trading group. The objective will be:

Operational Process Review:

- Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the current operational processes in place for managing logistics and data within the trading company.

- Identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement in the existing workflow.

Responsibility Distribution:

- Define and clarify the specific responsibilities of the operation team members in the three centres.

- Develop a structured framework to ensure a seamless and collaborative workflow between the three locations.

Data Management Enhancement:

- Review the current data management practices and systems in place.

- Recommend technological solutions and process enhancements to streamline data handling and ensure accuracy.

Workforce Allocation Strategy:

- Analyze the current workforce distribution among its three offices.

- Develop a strategy to optimize the allocation of manpower based on workload, expertise, and geographical considerations.

Collaboration Framework:

- Establish a communication and collaboration framework to facilitate seamless coordination among team members and other departments spread across different locations.

- Implement tools and platforms to enhance real-time information sharing and project tracking.

Training and Skill Development:

- Identify skill gaps within the operation team and develop a training plan to address those gaps.

- Foster a culture of continuous learning to keep the team updated on industry best practices.

Performance Metrics Implementation:

- Define key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of the operational improvements.

- Establish a monitoring system to track and evaluate performance regularly.

Cost-Benefit Analysis:

- Conduct a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of proposed changes and improvements.

- Ensure that any adjustments made result in a positive impact on the company's overall financial performance.

Implementation Plan:

- Develop a phased implementation plan for the recommended changes, considering potential challenges and minimizing disruption to ongoing operations.

- Collaborate with stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition and effective adoption of new processes.