Duties and Responsibilities

Meeting/pitch collateral
* Work with sales team to ensure they have required collateral/pitch material for meetings.
* Coordinate with Marketing/CPM where necessary to incorporate required sales messaging and personalised client information into pitch documentation to effectively communicate the advantages of the unique selling propulsion of Investments services.
* Manage and review process and necessary compliance sign-off's.

Lead Management and Generation
* Perform cold calling of leads generated by Marketing and market data driven leads delivered via CRM.
* Prioritise leads accordingly and coordinate with Sales to ensure timely management of leads.
* The objective is to enable meetings for sales individuals with new contacts.

Project manage sales campaigns and events
* Work with sales team to agree prioritisation of products and ideal approach to align contacts.
* Manage distribution lists and processes surrounding this, coordinating with sales and Marketing teams.
* Work with Marketing to ensure these are reflected in campaign/communication plan.
* Work with Marketing to prioritise leads derived from campaigns, events etc and map into sales team account prioritisation
* Call existing and new contacts to ensure all marketing events are attended by the right clients and prospects
* Raise profile with contacts and organisations with whom we have not had previous contact

Market research
* Collate and update data around key individuals and organisations for our target companies including contact details and useful networks (for example using various sources of data to establish board representations and connectivity of board members with other organisations).

RFP production
* Project manage RFP process from sales side (whilst getting as much support as possible from RFP team).
* Assist in completing RFP responses in tailoring to client specific circumstances, and ensuring all key sales messages are included.

* Manage and maintain the CRM records for organisation's and contacts (this has to be done close collaboration with sales people) Manage, maintain and update Leads as they flow from Marketing/CRM team and ensure timely management.

* Manage, maintain and update Opportunities