Director - Product Development (Performance Analytics)
£120,000 - £150,000 + Bonus + Benefits


They are a leading private equity and alternatives investment firm and consultancy operating in Europe and the USA. They launch new firms, new funds and new services and then support them to ensure they operate efficiently, effectively and enable them to maximise returns. The company has invested heavily in data, technology and analytics. serves institutional investors and alternative assets fund managers, based primarily in Europe and North America. Its suite of performance metrics, based on the application of its proprietary tools created during more than 20 years of research on proprietary data, provides performance measures that can be compared across the entire industry and insights that are deeper and more reliable than other measures, such as IRR. The team has also developed proprietary private markets focused risk measures and machine learning based cash flow forecasting technology.


  • Knowledge and understanding of the Private Equity market
  • Existing network and experience working with private equity LPs and preferably GPs
  • Product sales and/or marketing experience
  • At least 5+ years of relevant experience understanding and experience working with private equity performance, risk and/or liquidity measures
  • Strong quantitative skills
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment
  • Strong communication skills
  • Understanding of machine learning techniques useful


This is a newly created role to lead the team and the build the business, working in partnership with one of the world's leading authorities in the field of private equity and fund performance analytics. This involves working with other groups within the firm including Investment, Marketing, Business Development and Technology. The role involves analytical work focused on private equity risk and cash flows, as well as business development, business development and client outreach. Responsibilities include:

Product development

  • Work closely with the management to identify and execute new business strategy.
  • Using existing novel proprietary methodologies and existing tools (currently two), develop a new product for the private equity GPs and LPs.
  • Integrate product offering into the Group's Technology Platform (including Risk, ESG, due diligence and compliance related private markets focused applications).
  • Establish a commercial plan to bring the new products to market
  • Develop SaaS frameworks and product road maps to facilitate the continued evolution and enhancement of the product offering.

Business development:

  • Develop and lead marketing campaigns
  • Lead origination of new client opportunities, focusing on private equity LPs and GPs (working with the central Business Development and Marketing teams)
  • Sales to larger prospects may require consulting work and training support
  • Attending conferences and events to promote company and offering

Analytical and client work:

  • Working with the analytical team as required
  • Evaluate and consider new product features and methodologies
  • Client training and interpretation of results (as required)

Maintain relationships (incl. regular meetings) with existing GP and LP Clients

Candidates must be physically located and eligible to live and work in the United Kingdom or the United States. Candidates based in the EU will be considered.