Preparation of MIS reports (monthly) including review and advising of units on rating.

Portfolio Credit data -Compilation and presentation of information provided through monthly packages by various units. Monitoring and analysis of data and seeking clarification on the variance and follow up.

Watchlist Accounts Analysis of the data and compilation of the reports from various units, ensuring that necessary credit approvals are in place and the account strategies exist/are actively reviewed with progress/developments.

Management of credit files folders (i.e., ensuring existence of a files for every credit facility in IBG book, including assets booked in London, the latter in liaison with London filing and that such files are up to date)

Bank Limits-Preparation and maintenance of report/data on Approved Global Bank Limits. Monitoring and follow up on Bank credit reviews. Provision of research reports for processing of credit submissions to ICC, especially for banks approved limits. Maintenance of up to date data base of Bank ratings.

Country Limits-Preparation and maintenance of report/data on approval of Global Country Limits and follow up on Country credit reviews on an annual basis. Monitoring of out standings against such limits based on the monthly report from Control units.

Preliminary analysis and vetting of the credit applications/financial spreadsheets with appropriate recommendations to the AGM for review.

Any other support function relevant to the departmental functions.