Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities

To assume complete responsibility for preparing regulatory reports/returns on an accurate and timely basis. This includes:

  • Analysing and interpreting data from source banking and derivative systems for inclusion in the bank's regulatory submissions. The banks regulatory submissions cover the standard range of commercial banking products but also include more complex products such as:
    • Interest rate swaps
    • Cross currency interest rate swaps
    • Forward foreign exchange
    • Asset backed securities
    • Repos
  • Make decisions on classification of investment products.
  • Where necessary making adjustments for error, omissions and reclassifications.
  • Ensuring that reports are completed in line with UK Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (UK GAAP) as adjusted for IFRS and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Ensuring that reports are prepared on a consistent, reliable and timely basis.
  • Where relevant ensuring that detailed explanations for significant movements are provided.
  • Ensuring that where appropriate key control totals are reconciled
  • Effective inclusion of any changes in accounting treatment of major items in conjunction with Group Finance and local accounting requirements.
  • Effective inclusion of any changes emanating from regulatory environment through rigorous and controlled system parameter maintenance.

Submission of reports includes

  • Maintaining control over system parameters to ensure that uploads into FCA's GABRIEL reporting portal is carried out in a consistent, reliable and timely manner.
  • Dealing directly with the regulator in the event of queries over submissions.
  • Maintaining parameters on local systems for submission to Group Finance and the Central Bank of client.
  • To maintain daily monitoring of regulatory compliance, (large exposures, liquidity and capital adequacy) using the external vendors system supplemented by manual procedures as necessary. This includes the following reporting to senior management the metrics covering large exposure reporting, inter-group lending limits, liquidity and capital adequacy and;

  • To maintain quality control over the reporting base, including that of Paris branch. This includes:
  • Ensuring that critical control information in respect of compliance limits is delivered to the Bank's Treasury and senior management on a daily, weekly monthly basis and dealing with any queries thereon.
  • Reporting any significant compliance/control issues to management.
  • Discussing directly with business heads any significant balance sheet changes and assess impact on regulatory returns
  • Ensuring that regulatory accounting and reporting systems are aligned to and reconcile with the banks general ledger and supporting systems.
  • Taking a lead in initiating any necessary changes for improving systems specifications and work flow.
  • Maintaining a clear audit trail of changes and enhancements to regulatory reporting systems

Providing support to the CFO as follows:

  • Providing support to the CFO on all technical regulatory and risk management issues
  • This includes:
  • Regulatory reporting framework - keeping abreast of developments:
  • The incumbent is required to supplement technical knowledge of regulatory products and rules and be proactive in this regard:
  • Monitor developments on the Financial Conduct Authority's website and track key changes in GENPRU / BIPRU and CRR requirements.
  • Monitor developments on the Bank of England's website and British Bankers Association for rule changes and market developments
  • Attend relevant technical seminars
  • Work closely with Bank's compliance officer and incorporate any necessary compliance changes when required.

Providing support to the CFO/CRO on risk management issues relating to the bank's capital and liquidity positions:

  • The incumbent is required to :
  • Provide reliable metrics for bank's stress testing model on both liquidity and capital
  • Provide input into the bank's Individual Liquidity Adequacy Assessment (ILAA) and Individual Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP)
  • Provide technical updates to relevant policies and procedures.
  • Providing support to the CFO on all statutory accounts.
  • Providing support to the CFO on all tax matters

To provide leadership on key finance projects as follows:

Project leadership

  • The incumbent is expected to lead key projects. Examples of projects currently ongoing are:
  • Migration of Bank of England regulatory reporting to new system
  • Migration of FCA reporting on to new regulatory data base.
  • Enhancement of reporting through implementation of Group reporting software
  • Involvement in MIS project