Reporting to (role): IT Manager

This job description articulates the general and specific expectations and accountabilities of the role. It is designed to help guide the priorities of the employee and expectations regarding performance. The scope of the role may change as determined by the needs of the Team and Firm.

Core objective of the role (what ultimately is the role there to deliver): Build fit-for-purpose software & seamlessly integrate systems to support Ruffer.

Key responsibilities: (max. of 7 areas, with sub points if necessary)

1) Build software & integrate systems to support my clcients infrastructure

2) Produce Code - that is supportable, maintainable, testable, documented, SOLID code

3) Contribute to architecture/frameworks

4) Testing - unit, integration, CI

5) Provide 3rd + Line of support - for in-house developed applications (1st line being the initial support call & 2nd line being onsite support)

6) Administration - perform administrative tasks relating to the development process

7) Other responsibilities - as determined by the IT Manager

Critical Requirements of the Employee Fulfilling the Role:

  1. a) Fit with Us:
  2. b) Aptitude and Talents:
  3. c) Skills, Knowledge and Experience:
  • Strong fit with clients values and style
  • Genuine interest in the IT environment offered by my client
  • Fit with, and compliment the capabilities of the Investment team
  • Problem solving
  • Demonstrate active curiosity and questioning, prepared to get underneath the surface
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and learning - professionally and personally
  • Able to work as effectively on own as in a team
  • Initiative and self-leadership
  • At ease with self, communicating and presenting self clearly and professionally
  • Maintain and build working relationships within the organisation. Collaborate with other departments to provide full SDLC.
  • Be helpful, though not at the expense of own work
  • Continuous Improvement - keep up to date with latest development frameworks and practices and apply where appropriate

The Development Team should have individual working knowledge some of the below with complementary specialisms:

  • Languages : C#, JavaScript
  • Development Environments: Visual Studio, SQL Server management studio, Oracle Developer
  • Databases: Mongo, ElasticSearch, Oracle, SQL Server
  • Frameworks/Libraries/Tools

o Communication : Messaging (RabbitMQ), WCF

o Workflow : WF

o GUI : JavaScript