Main Responsibilities

Lead the development within large projects or programs of work involving a number of

developers (approx. 20), having ultimate responsibility for the design.

Carry out supervisory duties, including allocation of work, leadership, mentoring and

performance appraisals

Drive Consistent Standards and approaches throughout the technical team.

Act in Leadership capacity to establish improved practices within the Solution Engineer Roles,

leading others to adopt improvements in quality or efficiency of the role to improve the

service provided by IT.

Keep abreast of developments in the IS industry and research relevant current and future


Act in a Leadership/expert capacity at the Designers Forum, promoting best practices to the


Actively identify and report project and system improvement ideas

Engage with Senior Stakeholders in the wider business to promote the Design and Architecture

of the IT Systems

Ensure technical solutions are consistent with the IT strategy and comply with the relevant IT standards policies

Use of extensive problem solving techniques combined with technical IT expertise to design

systems to resolve business requirements. The responsibility for whether a solution meets

business needs is held by the Solution Engineer.

Manage handover of development projects into a live support environment, taking responsibility of

ensuring that the implementation of the system has a minimal and managed impact on the users

of the system.

Work extensively with the systems architecture team including influencing approach and

influencing strategy.

Liaison with senior management team members

Manage the technical dependencies of the IT change plan within a mid to large -scale Project

or program of work, ensuring full and optimal utilisation of the technical resources allocated to

the project.

Take responsibility for defining and delivering the Solutions to Non-Functional (qualitative)


Play a key role in the Estimation of projects scope/size/time and resourcing requirements,

leading the estimation/resourcing of the technical team needs on behalf of the Project


Ensure the Solution is appropriately designed to handle errors, security risks,

disaster-recovery, compliance to regulation/legal stipulations.

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