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5 Quick Facts about UK Cyber Crime

Over 30 years ago, when the Internet was born, it was an exciting and new place, however, today, it can be a dangerous place.

Here are some facts about the state of cyber security in 2019:

  1.  IoT (Internet of Things) devices will soon become the main targets for malicious hackers due to the fact that many devices are not built with cyber security in mind.
  2. Email spam is the most method for hackers to spread malware, with nearly 70% tricking people into clicking on faulty URLs.
  3. The US and the UK are more vulnerable to attacks due to the increase in smart home devices, connecting people to external networks that can easily be exploited.
  4. Roughly 2 in 5 companies have over 1000 files open to global access, including sensitive information.
  5. It is predicted that cyber attacks could cost us $6 trillion to fight, becoming one of humanities biggest challenges.

Whilst cyber security is on the rise, it shouldn’t stop you from entering the digital world – you just have to be prepared.