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5 Tips for Smashing That Interview

You could have all the skill, experience and talent that makes you the perfect candidate, but the interview could make or break your opportunity.

That’s why we’ve put together our top 5 tips for nailing your next interview:

1. Focus on the nonverbal communication – whilst it may seem trivial, small things like smiling, nodding, holding eye contact, leaning forwards, etc., really do matter. In fact, people can form first impressions based 55% on nonverbal communication, meaning actions do speak louder than words!

2. Do your research – the more you prepare yourself beforehand, the less anxious you will feel. Be sure to delve into the company’s culture, mission, vision and values to see if you’re a good fit for the company and to understand what they look for in a candidate.

3. Ask questions that will set you apart – it may be hard to think of on the spot, so do your research and go in prepared with a list of questions, such as:

​                                               – ‘In this role, how is success measured?’

                                               -What have you enjoyed most about working for this company? What about its culture?’

                                               -‘What is a problem facing the company right now, and if hired, how could I help resolve it?’

4. Provide backup for your answers – ‘For example…’ goes a long way in interviews; examples can set you apart from other candidates and demonstrate you have the right qualities for the position.

5. Plan your weaknesses – avoid the transparent answers, such as ‘I’m a perfectionist’ or ‘I work too hard’ – interviewers see through it. Instead, be honest and explain how you are working on it, such as:

​                                               – ‘I get nervous when speaking in front of large groups of people, however, I am currently working on this with the help of an internal  presentation skills course and I can already feel myself becoming more confident’

​                                               – ‘I can be incredibly self-sufficient, meaning it can be hard to rely on others to complete a task, however, I’ve worked hard to improve on this by partaking in team building workshops and classes.’

Interviews are stressful, but they don’t have to be as daunting as they first appear. Remember these tips and, of course, just be yourself!