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How To Choose The Right Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies are a great way to find work, and the right one can set you up with your ideal job. However, with so many recruitment agencies, particulartly in the city these days, it may be difficult to decide which ones are worth signing up for.

So, how can you choose the right recruitment agency for you?

1) Look for an agency that specializes in your field

When it comes to signing up for recruitment agencies, there’s no point in wasting time simply applying for every single agency out there as not all of them will have vacancies available in your desired field.

For example, if your desired job involves graphic design, then it wouldn’t be much use signing up for agencies that only specialize in accounting and financial roles. There’s little chance they’ll have anything to offer you, so ensure you look for an agency that is specific to your field.

Obviously, there are agencies out there that offer roles in a wide variety of fields. However, the downside of that is that you may get contacted about a job that’s in a field you’re not experienced or interested in. Specific agencies are a better route to take.2) Make sure the agency is reputable

While there are plenty of good agencies around, there are also a share of bad ones. Before you sign up, ensure you research the agency in question to see whether they’re reputable or not. It helps to read reviews from other jobseekers to help you decide. Reviews are a great way to discover an agency’s reputation, as a good one will encourage you to sign up, whereas a bad one will warn you to stay away!

3) Watch out for scams

Not only should you look into an agency’s reputation, but it’s also important to research whether they are credible or not. Bad agencies are one thing, but there are some out there that act as flat-out scams.

A bogus recruitment agency will work in two ways – charge you a cash fee for “job processing” or try to steal your personal information for identity theft purposes. If you find an agency is requesting either one of these, cut off contact with them immediately because there’ll be no job at the end of it and you could put yourself at serious risk of getting your identity stolen.

4) Location

Location should always be taken into consideration, as it’s important to look into agencies within your own location, or anywhere you’d be willing to travel and relocate to. You should also decide whether you wish to relocate to a certain area or only want to look for work locally or within a doable travelling distance. This will help narrow down your job search and eliminate any agencies that offer work in any undesired locations.

5) Salary requirements

Another factor to consider when it comes to finding the right agency is your salary expectancy. Again, it would be unnecessary to sign up for every agency out there, as not all of them will meet your salary expectations. Think about your skills, experience and your field, and decide on a reasonable amount.

You can also research the average salary for your field, which will help narrow your job search. It’ll also help the agency to intepret whether they can help you or not.

With a vast amount of recruitment agencies out there, there’s bound to be one, if not more, that’ll be able to help you find a job in your desired field. Cameron Kennedy has a long histroy of success representing both candidates and companies, a strong reputation,a wide range of roles and expertise within the financial services and accountancy market and  talented, dedicated and experienced recruiters, Try us, we know what we are doing to achieve your desired results.