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A Long-Term Talent Partnership Based on Trust, Speed and Precision

The Challenge:

A global bank was facing a recruitment challenge when sourcing Onboarding professionals. They needed to fill four positions in three different locations – Dublin, London and Luxembourg – all of which were hugely time-sensitive and budget-constrained. Their HR department had exhausted their resources and needed external support to find the right candidates.

The bank had two options available: 1) Seek internal candidates to move into the vacant roles; or 2) hire externally. They had already explored and exhausted the first option, and it was not a feasible solution.

The Solution:

Cameron Kennedy had previously supplied contractors to the bank over a 5 year period and had always delivered talent that provided niche skills in response to often challenging briefs. Our reputation for providing quality candidates within budget and timelines resulted in our ability to be referred to and work with multiple departments across function and geography. We listened to their requirements and provided a recommendation to identify where the ideal candidates could be sourced from and created a short list of competitors to target. This resulted in an average time from mandate to interview of 10 days, and an average time to hire within 28 days, including background and compliance checks. Cameron Kennedy consultants worked efficiently and effectively, handling all background checks and responding promptly to queries and questions.

“Cameron Kennedy consultants seem to be constantly available and respond immediately to any queries or questions. They do all background checks and nothing is too much trouble.”