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Questions to Ask During Reference Checks

When done right, reference checks can be a massive help when determining if a candidate is right or not.

To get more out of the process, you must ask the right questions – here are a few to consider:

  1. How did you and ___ work together? – Find out how they worked with others, for how long, their title/main responsibilities and how they performed.
  2. Would you rehire ___, if given the chance? – This will show if the candidate performed well, as well as give a glimpse into how they interacted with the team.
  3. What are ___ biggest strengths? – This is used to validate what you’ve read on their resume or gained in an interview. This can also clue you in as to how self-aware the candidate is.
  4. What are ___ biggest weaknesses? – This question could determine if the candidate is a right fit for your team/culture, as well as to learn if their weaknesses are coachable.
  5. Was ___ a good communicator? – This focuses more on the candidate’s soft skills; superb communication skills are vital to performing well in any role.

A thorough reference check will ensure that you hire the right candidate, so don’t mess it up!