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Tips For Staying Motivated

You know the feeling – it’s 4PM on a Thursday, the weekend is drawing near and your blood sugar is dropping.

But, that doesn’t mean your work has to suffer! Here are some tips and tricks on how to stay motivated at work.

  1. Set small size – The prospect of a large project can be daunting when looking at it all at once, that’s why breaking it down into smaller chunks is key. 
  2. Set a ‘quitting’ time – In today’s world, it seems the work day never ends with emails, phone calls and instant messaging, however, it is important to give yourself a break! 
  3. Ask for feedback – Whilst it can be nerve wracking, feedback (good and bad!) can be motivating. Listening to what you did well can give you an ego boost, whilst hearing constructive criticism can push you to try harder.
  4. Set deadlines – Even if they are just in your head, finishing tasks and crossing them off your to-do list feels good.
  5. Reframe your thoughts – Try not to think of it as work, try thinking of it as a puzzle, a competition or an opportunity.

Whilst these are just a few tips, even the simplest and smallest of changes can make a big difference.