Risk and Control:

  • Assessment of all Credit Risks

Assist the Credit Managers in overseeing and reviewing initial due diligence and engage in independent review and research activity in relation to new SPF credit exposure proposals and FI exposures where required.

Assist the Credit Managers in overseeing and reviewing due diligence (including transaction documentation, collateral perfection and feasibility appraisals) to facilitate initial loan drawdown of SPF loans, escalating any material issues or variances to the Executive Committee.

  • Policy Re: SPF

Monitor compliance of all Credit Policy, Risk Appetite, Stress Test and Concentration issues of credit risk for SPF business activity.

  • Monitoring for SPF

Under the guidance of the SPF Credit Manager, identify any emerging risks in the SPF loan portfolio through the review cycle of credits, monitoring of portfolio concentrations, portfolio specific and general market trends.

Oversee exception reports and limit utilisation reports in respect of SPF exposure and ensure all exceptions are reported to the Executive Committee as appropriate and remediated in accordance with action plans.

Assist the credit manager in monitoring loan performance, including sign off of surveyor certificates, escalating any material issues or variances to the Executive Committee.

  • Management of Deteriorating Credit Exposures for SPF

Monitor early warning indicators and triggers for individual SPF loans and working with the Credit Manager ensure action is taken in accordance with procedures detailed within the Identification & Management of Deteriorating Credit Exposures Policy Framework.

  • Management Information for SPF

Maintain and update the SPF cashflow forecast and ensure provision of accurate and timely information to Treasury, Risk Management, Finance and other departments to assist the Bank's overall liquidity management.

Monitor and duly report all exceptions to Credit Policy and documentation deficiencies as they arise.

Assist in the preparation of the SPF Credit Management Information and Risk Appetite monitoring compliance dashboard to ensure that Executive Committee discussions and decision taking on SPF risk matters are based on comprehensive, accurate and timely information.

  • Sector Analysis for SPF

Consider and assess the impact of new or proposed regulatory changes affecting the UK property market.

  • Credit Grading Model for SPF

Assist in the maintenance of the SPF Credit Grading Model, ensuring modelled outcomes are monitored to assist the future refinement and recalibration of the Model as considered appropriate.

  • Procedures Manual for SPF

Ensure the Credit Procedures Manual for SPF is reviewed on a regular basis and updated as appropriate to ensure risk controls and mitigants remain robust.

Skills and key competencies:

  • Sound knowledge and understanding of the UK property and credit markets. (minimum three years experience)
  • Strong credit skills with a focus on Structured Property Finance but also a sound understanding of corporate financial analysis including Balance Sheet, P&L, cashflow and ratio evaluation and interpretation.
  • High interpersonal, self motivation and persuasion skills.
  • Control skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Independence of thought and judgment.
  • Impartial and objective.
  • Organisational skills.
  • Time management skills.
  • Strong communication skills, balanced approach.
  • Able to deal effectively with complexity and to assimilate knowledge quickly.
  • Computer literate and proficient in Microsoft Word & Excel.