As part of Treasury & Trading Operations, the Settlements team is a mid sized team who are responsible for the settlement of FX and Money Market Trades for Interbank and Corporate clients of Treasury Products and Distribution, as well as providing payment services for the Corporate and Institutional Banking Division.

The primary responsibilities of this role are as follows:

  • Completion of Interbank day to day workflows and processes;
  • Payment input and authorisation, ensuring exceptions are processed in the correct manner;
  • Proactive monitoring of bank account balances and cash flow movements to ensure that the business operates within agreed intra-day tolerances.
  • Monitoring, resolution and sign-off of all reconciliation breaks relating
  • to the area;
  • CLS Matching - ensure that all CLS eligible trades are matched, monitoring CLS positions throughout the day, and agreeing netted payments at close of business.
  • Monitoring of incoming/outgoing Swift confirmations - MT300, 320 and 600.
  • Ensuring all payments/receipts for Securities Operations are settled in the internal systems, including external Nostro funding movements.
  • Agreeing and settling FX netting values with other entities.
  • Daily review and sign-off of relevant Control reports
  • Generation of reports in relation to Intra-day liquidity Management, transaction volumes and cost analysis.