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Tips for De-Stressing at Work

over 4 years ago by Cameron Kennedy

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Stating the obvious here, but work is stressful, overwhelming and anxiety-provoking! 

Here are some tips on how to de-stress no matter where you are (even at your desk!):

  1. Breathe - sounds obvious, but deep breathing is incredibly helpful! Unlike shallow breathing, taking deep breaths stimulates the parasympathetic reaction, which helps increase energy levels, release tension, decrease anxiety and improve productivity.

  2. Stretch - be it by walking or simple stretches at your desk, stretching increases blood flow and releases endorphins.

  3. Clean - just like your bedroom, cleaning up your workspace can calm the mind and boost your mood!

  4. Buy a plant - sounds silly, but research shows that having a houseplant on your desk can actually help calm you down by inducing a relaxation response!

  5. Screen breaks - Uninterrupted screen time can cause stress, tension and strain, so take frequent breaks throughout the day (it can be just 5 minutes!).

Whilst these are just a few simple tips, they all can help improve your mental health and productivity in a snap!