• Arrange Transportation and Lodging:

This is the primary function and involves finding and arranging appropriate modes of travel, such as flights and trains, car rentals, as well as making reservations at hotels, airbnbs or other forms of lodging. The logistical aspect of transporting groups of people from one location to another requires a great deal of planning and organizing, and thus making arrangements is an essential part of the scope.

  • Serve as Liaison

Working with a third-party travel agency to plan travel arrangements - it is the duty of the Travel Administrator to facilitate communication between the organization and the chosen travel agency, make sure that the travel agency understands what requirements must be met and review all of the agency's bookings for accuracy, cost-effectiveness and policy adherence.

  • Provide Information

Before each traveller can get to where they're going, they first need to know when and how to get there. The Travel Coordinator is responsible for communicating such information to travellers, which can include which hotel room they'll be occupying, the departure time of the flight they'll be taking and the mode of transportation they'll be using to travel to and from the airport.

Core skills:

  • Outstanding interpersonal communication
  • Outstanding organisational & time management
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously
  • Ability to maintain and manage vendor relationships
  • Experience with coordinating travel arrangements
  • Firm grasp of digital data and file management systems
  • Online reservation systems

Advanced skills:

  • Understanding of travel policies and regulations
  • Working knowledge of the travel industry
  • Experience working in the travel industry