Experience and Skills required

  • Qualified accountant preferable;
  • 5 years' experience in accounting and / or fund administration;
  • Candidates should be able to demonstrate high levels of Fund Accounting experience and strong understanding of Net Asset Value calculation and process.
  • Experience and knowledge of fund accounting systems essential;

The Role

This role would suit someone with strong Fund Accounting and NAV experience.

The successful candidate is required to support the transition of accounting records and data to an accounting system from the fund accounting system.

Your Key responsibilities will be;

  • Extraction of ledger and transactional data from legacy systems and uploaded to the fund accounting system.
  • Reconciliation of opening positions to prior system records;
  • You will be the point of contact with Fund Accounting team on test Net Asset Value calculations;
  • Reconciliation of Net Asset Value and Financial reporting during NAV calculation testing phase, identifying reconciliation differences, cause and solutions;
  • Present to project steering committee result of NAV test and recommendation for go-live on the the new fund accounting system;
  • Providing input on the set up of the London team listed clients on the fund accounting system (ensuring that client entities are set up so that the chart of accounts and posting rules match how the clients are set up on Acufund);
  • Testing client reports from fund accounting system match the output produced by Acufund (standard NAV packs and custom reports);
  • Reconciliation of current financial year opening balances for client entities between fund accounting and Acufund;
  • Reconciliation of year-to-date balances and transaction history data on fund accounting to the take on date for each client;
  • Checking accrual postings and NAV based postings on the new fund accounting system are set up correctly;
  • Reconciling the NAV's produced on the new fund accounting system to the NAV's produced by an overseas office on Acufund;
  • Investigating differences on the new fund accounting system and overseeing correcting actions by the team;
  • Overseeing parallel run process and reporting to the Directors and the wider integration project group.